Hot Air Brush №535

Be your own stylist.

CARRERA Hot air brush №535

Good stylists can wield a hairdryer and brush at the same time effortlessly. But to style your own hair you either need a third arm, or you buy a hot air brush. For professional home styling, choose one with plenty of power, ionisation, ceramic-coated round brush attachments, and a choice of heat and speed settings. Order your full-feature product now in our web shop.

  • CARRERA Hot air brush №535
    Round brush attachment ø 22 mm for consistent curls
    and volume right from the hairline. Retractable bristles
    for safe styling – perfect for beginners.
  • CARRERA Hot air brush №535
    Round brush attachment ø 50 mm for structured
    volume even in long hair, plus generous
    high-volume waves.
  • CARRERA Hot air brush №535
    Round brush attachment ø 38 mm for long-lasting XXL volume
    with mid-length hair, and consistent medium-size curls.
  • CARRERA Hot air brush №535
    Use the styling nozzle to remove excess moisture before
    you style. Or to dry your hair completely, since you
    have 1200 watts of power.

Cool Shot adds the finishing touches to a hot air brush.

Warm first, then cold’ is the order of the day when you’re styling (less so when you shower). The Cool Shot button fixates styled strands quickly and effectively. It also adds a steady supply of argan oil and keratin to the airstream – for smoother hair and a silky sheen, together with the ions.

CARRERA Hot air brush №535

Hot air brush №535. It understands your hair.

One-size-fits-all is a really stupid idea for a hot air brush. We designed something better: a control unit with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings. Now you can mix-and-match to your heart’s content while you find the perfect combination for your hair, and your plans.

CARRERA Hot air brush №535
Our hot air brush is no exception: when it comes to performance, every detail counts.
  • Cool Shot.

    Was immer Sie gezaubert haben, soll möglichst lange Bestand haben. Egal, was der Tag so bringt. Fixieren Sie jede Strähne nach dem Stylen einfach mit dem Cool Shot. Und freuen Sie sich ganz nebenbei über mehr Glanz und Glätte.

  • Für jeden Haartyp.

    Sie hören dauernd, dass Sie schwieriges Haar hätten? Blödsinn. Es kommt nur auf die richtige Einstellung an. Dafür haben wir 3 Heiz- und 2 Geschwindigkeitsstufen, die jede Menge Kombinationen möglich machen. Auch für unkooperatives Haar.

  • Vollausstattung serienmäßig.

    Egal, welcher Haartyp und egal, welche Ansprüche: Mit unseren 4 Aufsätzen von 22, 38 und 50 mm Durchmesser ist alles möglich. Von kringeligen Löckchen bis zu voluminösen XXL-Curls. Eine extra Styling-Düse beschleunigt das Trocknen.

Product specs

Product specs

Air flow infused with argan oil & keratin for perfectly shiny hair
Ceramic coated styling brush ensures even heat distribution and prevents heat spots on hair
Cool shot fixates and gives more hold
Styling accessories for large waves, XXL volume or curls:
Round brush attachment ø 50 mm for high-volume waves
Round brush attachment ø 38 mm for long-lasting volume
Round brush attachment ø 22 mm with retractable bristles for consistent curls
Styling nozzle for fast dryling
Permanently ionized by ionic generator
3 heat / 2 speed settings
Ergonomic grip for easy handling
Cool touch tip: heat-insulted brush heads for safe, more precise styling
Change attachments just by pushing a button
Swivel joint power cord for greater freedom of movement
Hanging loop
Accessories: storage pouch

Price: $99.00* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product

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