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A low-calorie vitamin boost for your immune system

Fast, delicious, healthy and hidden inside a smoothie – a fresh take on vitamins Read now

Lunch or breakfast to go – our Satisfying Smoothie

Do you feel tired at work after lunch? Our Satisfying Smoothie puts you back in the fast lane. Read now

The ultimate hangover cure: the Hangover Smoothie

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Quick Smoothies with a Stickblender

It only takes a few ingredients to mix up something good with a hand blender. Sweet or savoury, the results are always delicious once you know how. Read now

Fit and healthy through the winter – powerfood for your immune system

Put a stop to coughs, colds and headaches. With a healthy diet, winter and its virus armada won’t stand a chance. Read now

Chief Lem

Boost your day with this beetroot smoothie. Read now