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prepare baby food

The right way to prepare baby food quickly – time is a luxury

You never know when fast-growing babies will get hungry again, but when they do their parents need to prepare food fast! Babies have no patience and their yells can shred your nerves in no time – especially at night. Many young parents go to bed with a bottle warmer and a thermos, hoping for a few hours’ sleep. Preparation is the key to success.

But even old hands can make mistakes when they’re sleep deprived, or had a glass of wine before turning in. Like not plugging the bottle warmer in, or filling the thermos with water that’s too hot. Our advice for parents is this: find yourself a kettle with temperature presets. With the right model, all you do is press a button. Seconds later the water is just the right temperature for your baby bottle or baby food. So all you do is put the right amount of powder in the bottle or dish, then place it next to the kettle.
When baby cries, you simply press the button. After about 90 seconds, the digital display on your kettle puts an end to your ordeal.

If that sounds like a luxury you’d like to enjoy every day and night, here’s a checklist to help you choose your next kettle:

  1. 100% stainless steel inside. Plastic housings and components contain harmful emollients.
  2. Easy-to-clean lime-scale filter.
  3. A heating plate (heating coils collect too much lime-scale).
  4. Individual temperature settings (in this case, 40°C).
  5. Temp settings accurate to within 2°C max, from a sensor mounted below the plate so steam can’t falsify the readings.
  6. Temp control for a specified time (ideal when baby wants a second helping).

So where can you find such luxury? Our CARRERA Shop stocks what just might be the most stylish electric kettle without BPA of them all. It even has temp settings for matcha tea (perfect for tired parents) or fennel tea (perfect for kids with wind).

CARRERA water kettle No 551
CARRERA Water kettle №551

A stainless steel water kettle with precise temperature setting and temperature control. BPA-free.

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