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After Sun Natural Cosmetics – the sundowner for your skin

For the best results after you sunbathe, treat your skin to some after-sun care with our DIY natural cosmetic. Read now

This way for natural sun protection and hair care!

Why not protect your hair from the sun too? Our DIY coconut argan oil hair conditioner protects your hair’s natural beauty. Read now

Mother’s Day gifts?

I just send flowers. Mother’s Day gifts – because she deserves something special Read now

What gender is the Easter Bunny – our tools are gender-neutral

The Easter Bunny only turns up once a year and never stays the night. That makes him male, right? Read now

Things can sometimes get too hot when you dry

Hair can burn too. So it’s important to use a dryer with a gentle touch. Read now

DIY cosmetics – almond oil face cream, a vitamin boost for your skin

the ABDE of skin care – almond oil contains lots of vitamins and nutrients and is a must-have DIY cosmetic. Read now