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hair straightener

Straightening hair gently protects it and leaves it more lustrous.

Curls, waves, brittle hair… there are lots of reasons to straighten your hair – and just as many new products that claim to protect hair from the heat involved. However, there’s more to protecting hair than care products alone.

Which hair straightener is the right one?

The most important thing is to choose the right straightener . Because let’s be honest: the heat is still going to change the natural structure of your hair, so it can’t be healthy. Even so, you can still do a few things to stop it ruining your hair.

The right straightening iron for you and your curls

Here’s a checklist to help you find a hair straightener that straightens hair gently:

hair straightener ceramic plates
  • Smooth, even heat distribution – for instance with ceramic plates – is the only way to avoid heat spots.
  • Long plates, not wide plates. Wide plates permit wider strands, but your hair stays hot for longer.
  • Individual temp settings. Fine hair needs much less heat than thick or curly hair.
  • Visible temp setting display – warns you if you accidentally change the temp setting while styling.

So much for the tool, now it’s up to you. Remember, straightening hair gently takes a little longer.

  1. Towel-dry your hair, then work in a hair tip care product and a heat protection product.
  2. Dry your hair thoroughly with a dryer (moisture ‘burns’ when you straighten hair). If you have really difficult hair, it can help to dry it in the direction of growth. If you dry it upside down or from the base, you’ll rough up the hair scales and your hair will ‘mob’ you.
  3. Comb well. Knots can make hair break when straightening.
  4. Use a low heat setting for fine underhair. Top hair can handle higher temperatures.
  5. If you’re new to straightening or have a new straightener, work gradually. Start with a low temp setting – you can always step it up later, and you don’t want to damage your hair or scalp. The temperature you need can vary from day to day, particularly if you experience hormone fluctuations. Start off cooler, because hormone levels affect how easy it will be to tame your hair on any given day.

If you decide your hair deserves something better than the old iron you bought years ago, take a look at ours.

Did you know? Looking after your straightener is as important as looking after your hair. Scratched plates are like sharp blades, so always pack your straightener away safely after use. As it happens, our tool comes complete with a special insulated pouch for that very purpose.

CARRERA Hair Straightener No 534
CARRERA Hairstraightener №534

CARRERA Hairstraightener with floating styling plates nfused with argan oil & keratin.

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