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gift mothers day

Our ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (we’ll do the wrapping)

In the old days, kindergarten and primary school children made Mother’s Day presents out of clay, paints or fabric. No matter how they turned out, on the second Sunday in May their efforts were always met with smiles of joy from a grateful mother.

Siri, find Mother’s Day gift ideas!

This search is usually fruitless and ends up on pages for personalised towels or chocolate boxes, t-shirts with ‘hilarious’ messages or chopping boards. So don’t ask Siri because this is one you’ll have to solve yourself. That said, for many busy mothers styling is a topic often gets neglected in daily life. So to help them enjoy some quality me-time in between job, family and home life, here is a selection of our styling tools.

Mother’s hairdryer 2.0

Remember that ancient hairdryer that used to lurk in mother’s bathroom? Well you may have moved out, but it’s still there. Why not ring the changes by giving her a hairdryer 2.0 instead? Ours does 190 kph, has integrated argan oil and keratin, and comes with a choice of attachments for gentler, faster grooming. With this much power, hair dries quickly even on the cold setting.

AC Hair Dryer No 631
CARRERA AC Hair Dryer №631

Forget ‘shampoo and set’ – get smooth results at home

There are some styling tools mothers only ever see in the salon – for instance, those professional machines that make her grey or not-so-grey hair look its best on special occasions. Perhaps your mother belongs to the generation that only visits the salon for a shampoo-and-set? If so, that’s perfect because now you can help her enjoy the luxury of stepping out in style whenever she wants, without going to town first. A good hair straightener (reduced to the max, no bells or whistles) is really easy to use. If mother gets impatient, the boost mode heats it up in just 30 seconds. We even built care products into the plates to pamper dry or stressed hair. What more could a mother ask for?

CARRERA Hair Straightener No 534
CARRERA Hair Straightener №534

Getting a perm with a tong

Curls have always been an object of desire for ladies with hair that’s thin, straight and perhaps less abundant than it used to be. Instead of using lots of chemicals, you can now style a full head of curls the natural way with this practical tool. The look may only last until the next wash, but it takes only minutes to style. Thanks to the boost heater mode and thermal protection, mother could even make perfect curls every day with a little practice. Wouldn’t she like that?

CARRERA Curling Tong No 537
CARRERA Curling Tong №537

Break a taboo – grab a hair by the root

Nature has a funny way of balancing things out. First our hair gets sparser where we want it to grow – then it starts erupting in places we’d rather it didn’t. For women, upper lip hair is often one such place. Hormonally motivated, but equally unattractive, are the fine facial hairs we (and mother) so graciously ignore. But look closer and the fluff is there for all to see, particularly in sunlight or in full profile. So why not give mother a gentle hint with our cosmetic trimmer and get yourself in her good books? She might look doubtful when she unwraps it, but we guarantee your mother will try it when she’s ready – and before you know it, she’ll be using it on your father’s ears too. So on Father’s Day you can either score double points by giving him a cosmetic trimmer too, or opt for a new shaver to match mother’s new trimmer.

CARRERA Cosmetic Trimmer No 524
CARRERA Cosmetic Trimmer №524

Finding gifts to make mothers happy is hard, especially when they tell you not to bother and save your money instead. Granted, splurging on flowers that wither in days is hardly a solid investment – but what mother could complain if you gave her a durable, high quality styling tool instead? And if Mother’s Day creeps up unexpectedly, you can always order from our shop in moments. CARRERA products always come in high quality packaging, so you can even have it delivered straight to her door.

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