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The best way to care for and style your extensions

With extensions (also known as Hairtalk), long, full hair is more a question of money than genes. Many women spend a good deal of time and money to make their dream of flowing tresses come true. How long their extensions last depends on how well they are cared for. Here’s our compilation of useful pointers.

Proper extension care needs gentle styling

With the help of extensions, you’re now the proud owner of that lioness mane you were dreaming of. These care tips will help you extend the pleasure they give you.

The right way to blow-dry extensions

The first thing to remember is that your natural hair reacts to heat totally differently than your new artificial hair. Artificial extensions need far more heat to take on the shape you want … but too much heat can make them melt. That said, you can’t just blow-dry natural extensions either.

And now for our extension hair care guide. The right styling is key. First, dry your hair by kneading it with a towel, not rubbing it. Next, align the extensions so they don’t overlap (this speeds up the blow-drying). When drying, always start at your hairline and work towards the junctions. Water retention at the junction between your natural hair and the extensions can cause swelling, so make sure the junctions dry properly. Finally, dry the lengths and ends. Always keep your hair drier on the lowest temperature setting. Always dry all your hair in the direction in which it falls naturally. Pro tip: even when air drying, it’s a good idea to dry the junctions a little first.

The right way to straighten und style your extensions

It’s not just the hot air from your hair drier that stresses extensions. The heat from your curling iron or hair straightener does too, leaving hair dull and lifeless. Since extensions get no moisture from the scalp, they need regular extra care and longer intervals between styling sessions.
To style your extensions, set the curling iron or hair straightener to a low temperature and always use proper heat protection. Ideally, use a ceramic-coated curling iron or hair straightener – these distribute heat evenly and have care products integrated into the heating plates.

Click here for a curling iron, hair straightener and hair drier with integrated hair care.

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How to wash and brush your extensions

The most important rule when washing or drying your hair is: never do it head down.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Work the shampoo into your hair carefully. Don’t rub it in – that puts knots in the junctions and is really stressful.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly to minimise residue at the junctions.
  • Use fat-rich hair conditioner only for lengths, not your scalp or junctions. Argan oil is one of the most nourishing hair care products out there. Click here for a fantastic conditioner recipe.
  • Never wash your hair without using a conditioner afterwards.
care for extensions
  • Before brushing, knead your hair dry gently with a towel – don’t rub.
  • Carefully separate the extensions with your hands.
  • Never comb or brush extensions when they’re wet or too moist. Set your hair drier to cold and pre-dry them a little first. Work in the direction your hair falls naturally – and never head down.
  • Use a coarse comb (e.g., an afro comb) before you start to brush.
  • Comb curls through carefully, strand by strand.
  • Comb straight hair thoroughly every morning and evening, lifting up some of the extensions so you can reach your natural hair. Afterwards, press the junctions against your scalp and comb your natural hair and your extensions at the same time. * Never comb extension strands without holding the junctions. Otherwise they’ll slip over time.

Our quick tips for your extensions

protect extensions
  • Braid your hair in the evening to avoid knots and excess friction.
  • When blow-drying, always dry the junctions first. That way they last longer.
  • Only use cold air when blow-drying.
  • Visit your hair stylist regularly for a trim. This prevents additional knotting and generally looks neater.
  • Use only gentle brushes with soft bristles, plus a coarse-tooth comb. Never comb your hair without holding the junctions tight.
  • Brush your hair out every morning and evening.
  • Avoid care products that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries your hair out and can dissolve junctions.
  • Never wash, brush or blow-dry your hair with your head down unless you really like knots.

The right styling tools are really important when caring for extensions. Features to look out for include scalable temp settings, integrated care products and ceramic coatings. If your hair drier or hair straightener is no match for your new luxurious tresses, we have just the thing for you in our CARRERA shop.

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