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For a finer complexion: on your pores, get set, brush – with or without soap

Germ spreaders, bacteria magnets … facial brushes have been called all this and more. First they were hyped as a sensible idea – then condemned almost as quickly for being unhygienic.

Thanks to the new CARRERA Facial Cleansing Brush №571 – with antimicrobial bristles, that’s now in the past. It cleans pore deep, then releases dirt again instantly under running water, leaving your machine as clean as your complexion. Since it’s waterproof to IPX6 standards, you can even pamper your skin while you shower.

water jet, waterproof

Antibacterial facial cleansing brushes for clean, soft skin

Modern facial cleansing brushes are a real all-rounder for women and men alike. From cleansing and peeling to massaging and applying makeup, the new generation of facial cleansing brushes literally does it all. With 3 settings and 4 attachments, ours can improve your complexion and apply makeup smoothly and evenly. Here’s what our miracle machine has to offer:

essays for CARRERA Cleansing Brush No 571, normal skin, sensitive skin, peeling, massage, make-up applicator,
  • antimicrobial brush head
  • 3 rotation speeds for gentle, pore-deep cleansing
  • 4 attachments – normal and delicate skin, peeling and massage
  • Applicator for even makeup application
  • Timer with 20-second interval

Once you get a feel for it, this Facial Cleansing Brush №571 will become part of your daily bathroom routine in no time. Happily, the CARRERA No571 has a high performance lithium battery that will massage or cleanse for 60 minutes on a single charge. and even after that, a 3-minute charge is all you need for a single application.

Click here to find out more about our miracle machine for a finer complexion. Please note that it may not be suitable if you have acne or extremely delicate skin.

CARRERA Cleansing Brush No 571
CARRERA Cleansing Brush №571

Cleansing brush with antimicrobial bristles for more hygiene and strong lithium battery.

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