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Trimming men’s eyebrows is quick and makes a real difference to your look.

Women have been dyeing, plucking, shaving and trimming their eyebrows for years as part of their daily grooming. So how come so many men neglect their eyebrows instead of trimming them? Perhaps they still think it’s effeminate to pay attention to such a small patch of hair.

Watch out, guys: eyebrow trimming is for you too

We’ve all seen men with eyebrows so unkempt, they basically form a single furry bar right across their foreheads. If that’s what you see in your own mirror, the next part of this article is for you.

Why do we need eyebrows anyway?

The main reason eyebrows exist is to keep sweat, rain, dust and other foreign matter out of our eyes. Together with eyelashes, they protect our eyes from wounds and infections.

A second crucial aspect is facial expressions. Depending on their position, eyebrows can express a range of different emotions. Broadly speaking, wrinkled eyebrows are associated with negative emotions, raised eyebrows with a positive mood. But as with anny rule, there are exceptions.

Eyebrow tetris … or should I trim the bar instead?

There’s a reason why people usually say ‘eyebrows’ in the plural. If nature had meant men to have a single block of hair across their forehead, she’d probably have given them a third eye in the middle too.

In other words, gentlemen, it’s time to pick up your cosmetic trimmer and liberate the bridge of your nose. And because it looks better, don’t just trim your eyebrows – go right down to the tip of your nose if you need to.

Speaking of aesthetics, eyebrow trimming also includes keeping excess hair growth in check around the hairline and eyes. Read on to find out how.

Time to trim.

The ABC of daily grooming. Today’s topic: Eyebrow trimming:

  • Wash any oil or creams out of your eyebrows.
  • Stand in front of a shaving mirror and use your partner’s kajal pen or eyeliner to draw the arch you want your eyebrows to have. If you’re single, just be creative.
  • Pull one eyebrow area taut with the fingers of one hand. Guide the cosmetic trimmer carefully with the other hand, working against the direction of hair growth.
  • Step back and check for symmetry now and again. Eyebrow hair does grow back, but not overnight.
  • When you’re done, repeat the procedure on your other eyebrow.
  • Use a pair of tweezers to remove any single hairs that might be growing wild in the area. Apply a moisturizing product to soothe your skin.

Sorry gentlemen, but there’s really no excuse for eyebrow tetris these days. Particularly now that you can buy our handy gender-neutral cosmetic trimmer. This compact styling tool fits in any bag, looks good, and trims ear and nose hair as well as eyebrows. What are you waiting for?

Cosmetic Trimmer No 524
CARRERA Cosmetic Trimmer №524

CARRERA trimmer with gentle stainless steel cutting system.

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