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remove back hair

Remove back hair as gently and effectively as possible.

Hair, hair, everywhere ... vigorous hair growth often shows up in places you’d rather it didn’t
too, such as on your back. So how do you remove back hair properly?

Removing back hair – the easy way for men und women

From an aesthetic point of view it makes no difference whether you have the odd stray hair, some gentle fluff or a full-blown bearskin. They all have to go. Back hair doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t look good, and it stops care products from doing their job.

For singles, the question is: How do I remove my back hair myself? And because women are now wondering the same thing, this article is for everybody.

What methods are there for removing my own back hair?

Anatomically speaking, you’re going to need a fair amount of dexterity. And even then there’s no guarantee of smooth, even results. Providing your mirror gives you a clear view, you can use tweezers to remove long back hairs or a wet shaver on your shoulder blade area.

If you have a shaving partner, choose any of these five options to remove back hair:

1. Traditional wet shave

Apply a peeling to your back to remove any old skin flakes. Apply a shaving gel or cream, then ask your shaving partner to draw the blade in the direction of hair growth. This is gentler on the skin and reduces the risk of ingrowing hairs. Finish by rinsing your back in clear water, then applying a soothing, cooling lotion. This is the moment when your shaving partner can unfold their talents to the full.

2. Epilation

The advantage of epilators is that they remove the hair root too, so back hairs take longer to grow back. The price for longer treatment intervals is the pinching sensation men and women get during epilation. After you’re done, let the skin rest for a few minutes before applying a care lotion or cream.

3. Waxing/Sugaring

Grit your teeth ... and rip it off! The result is a smooth skin in seconds – what more could you want? Whether you use cold wax strips or hot wax, pain is subjective and anyway, beauty always has its price. The difference between waxing and sugaring your back hair is the direction in which you tear them out. With wax, you remove the strips against the direction of growth; with sugaring you work in the direction of growth.

4. Epilation creams

Before applying a cream to larger areas, test it first on a small area to see if your skin reacts. Painful skin irritations caused by chemicals in epilation creams are not uncommon. Once you’re confident, apply the cream evenly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the pot or tube.

5. Dry shave

Form hair trimmers to electric shavers, anything goes. There’s no preparation and providing your battery is charged, you don’t even need a power outlet.

Our CARRERA shavers No521 and No421 also enable USB charging for even more flexibility on the go. Just hook up to your notebook, and thanks to the special Boost Charge you’re all set in just five minutes.

Dry shaving is pain-free and needs no creams or gels, making it ideal for a quick shave before that date or trip to the beach. The only downside is that hairs grow back fairly quickly, so the smooth skin sensation doesn’t last long. But that’s a small price to pay for so much flexibility.

What shaving type are you? For Dry Shavers, we can thoroughly recommend several of our own products. Click the link for details.

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