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Can I still shave my legs if they’re sunburnt?

Tanned legs are great, but if you overdo it you’ll feel the pain when the sun goes down. And then again when the hairs grow back. Read now

Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Make your own natural cosmetics – with the CARRERA Blender you can create your own Aloe Vera hand cream in only a few minutes. Read now

Underarm hair is still socially unacceptable.

Underarm hair – the gender-neutral no go. Read now

Remove back hair without pain

Hair, hair, everywhere ... vigorous hair growth often shows up in places you’d rather it didn’t too, such as on your back. So how do you remove back hair properly? Read now

pubic hair – really short, or all off?

how you shave your genitals is entirely up to you Read now

removing underarm hair. because you dot

lots of different factors affect how good we feel about our body. that includes sport, nutrition, wellbeing ... and more basic aspects such as bodily hygiene. often, shaved underarms play a part in how comfortable we feel around other people. Read now